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Life is short and it's a puzzle that we try to solve.  So we can't always be sure what surprises it has for us but we can take the control by planning many short trips to explore the life itself. That's why I'm writing this practical, easy to plan and enjoyable weekend article in Barcelona city. If it's inevitable to give large breaks in your lifestyle than why don't you take a short trip in Barcelona city? You will have the chance to experience Spanish soul even in 2 day break if you wish. You may want to read One Day in Barcelona article and can make your best plan if you like. So what are the good suggestions for a weekend in Barcelona city

1- Just feel the Spanish soul at first sight!

You have just arrived and your heart is beating with the idea of landing on a new city. So at first, try to inhale the Spanish soul by just looking around. You will see the Catalan wind in every step that you take in the streets. If you don't want to waste any time by searching what the best place, event or activity to do then I can recommend to join some guided tours before starting your weekend. These short tours can make a picture in your mind about how to plan the weekend best. You can take hop on hop off bus tours, bike tours or guided tours if you wish. You will get the chance to take a glance at the city and see what's going on around. Please click to check the official site for bus tours.

2- How about some colorful tapas?

When you come back your trip from Barcelona city, you may wish you have collected real Catalan memories. I mean real ones not souvenirs! How to be a local in Barcelona city is not so hard if you plan to join a workshop on cooking Tapas. The most authentic food in Barcelona city! If you are interested in you can click here to join one of them. Cooking classes is a good event to socialize in a new city. Another option is to taste tapas at the best places:). To find and note the best tapas places please read our previous articles so click here. You will not get disappointed about food and drink in Barcelona city. They serve the best and colorful cuisine. For other food and drink in Barcelona options please click here.

3- Local Market to Meet the People In a Short Time

Just devote some time for this amazing local bazaar called La Boqueria Market located at Las Ramblas and be happy as you will be able to see the Barcelona city soul in a short time. While many women vendors make the bazaar more colorful you can taste lots of delicious food they prepare. Tapas, fruits and vegetables and meat options wait for your taste. It will be quick, delicious and nice lunch in the city centre. Don't forget to get some local food and share your friends at hometown:). Still feel something missing in your agenda about Barcelona city travel guide? So please keep on reading and discover the great city in 2 days!

4- Take a Stroll at Gothic Quarter (Barri Gothic)

Do you want to explore the city soul in two days? Then this is the right place to spend some time. Gothic Quarter stands in the heart of the city with its many outstanding historical architecture and local shops. I'm sure you will be amazed by the view and the atnosphere of the neighbourhood of Gothic Quarter. Just get lost and don't think over what you may come across and feel the Catalan daily life but wait! why you are reading this article anyway:) Of course to make the best of your holiday in Barcelona! So here are some specific things you need to do at Barri Gotic not to regret when you come back home:). For art lovers, it will be splendid to explore young Picasso times at Street Avinyo. With its funky shops and cafes it will be cool break time. Are you a party person? So come over ladies and gentleman! Till the early in the morning, Spanish like to party at the bars or dance clubs. So let the party begin! For more activities at Gothic Quarter please read this article.

5- Arc De Triomf 

I need to warn about that there are not many options to sit and have cup of something around this place but I should say that one may want to see this iconic landmark of Barcelona city during the city tour. First, it is an area closed to traffic. You can access here from Gothic Quarter by walking. There is a park at the end of the long walk and Barcelona Zoo after the park. If you don't want to make time for park and zoo you can come here, take some pictures and can watch interesting street shows.  Another suggestion after strolling at this place is to visit Chocolate Museum and Picasso museum. Just walk through the park and turn right. Past two streets and here are the museums!

6- Unfinished Symphony of Barcelona City - La Sagrada Familia Basilica-

Anybody around the world knows about this magnificant architecture of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona city after visiting the city or searching a little bit. Actually Barcelona has iconic places more than one. Especially, La Sagrada Familia which will be the highest of the churches in Europe when completed worths to be visited and explored in your short visit to Barcelona. Just get your tickets online and don't waste time if you plan to visit in summer time. Please  click here to read about La Sagrada Familia.

7- Just Get Lost in Las Ramblas 

The heart of the city is beating day and night! Las Ramblas where you will have chance to get lost in the city soul is the best and first place you must visit during your trip in Barcelona city. Will you go to Gothic Quarter? You need to go pass this area. Will you walk to Barcelona del Mar and spend some time then you need to walk through Las Ramblas. It's inevitable to miss this street which offers perfect  organised tour for your trip. Don't forget to stroll at alleys of Las Ramblas.

8- All in One -Parc Guell-

Ok! After all these museums, many alleys, fascinating monuments and churches do you feel a bit exhausted? Don't give up:) Just take a ticket to Parc Guell, a work of Gaudi, and relax for some time. Whether you are alone or with friends or family, Parc Guell is one of the best places to enjoy the best of both worlds! Cafes, libraries, playground, Gaudi Houses Architecture and panaromic view of Barcelona. You may not want to miss it. So please click here to read more.

All these suggestions in this article can be adjusted according to your agenda during your Barcelona travel. For other tourist attractions in Barcelona city please read our other articles. I'd appreciate if you can comment and write your best day tour in Barcelona city. Thanks for reading. See you in the next articles. Here is a video for a short trip in Barcelona. For credit please contact to me. Thanks Attache for the video.

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