Taxis and Services in Barcelona

When it comes to transportation,Barcelona city offers lots of options for travellers. As we mentioned before in our previous posts, transportation in Barcelona city varies according to your budget, agenda or whether you are travelling wih kids or not, etc. So we will try to offer different solutions that may match your need. 

Taxis and Services From/To Barcelona Airport

Taxis and services in Barcelona city are in huge number. There are black cabs with yellow sides which have service to Barcelona airport but we highly recommend you check your hotel complimentary service whether it provides bus shuttle to airport from the hotel or not if your hotel location is near to Barcelona airport. As there is minimum charge for taxis like 20€, it is best to calculate the road before whether you really need a cab or not. Another important thing you need to remember about a taxi is that you cannot call a taxi randomly.  There is always a queue for a taxi where you will guided for a cab. So where to catch a taxi in Barcelona Airport? Just follow the taxi signs for taxi ranks located outside T1 and T2. When you leave any terminal building you will easily see the signs for taxis at Barcelona airport. Please keep in mind that it is good to follow the nearest taxi signs rather than following the crowd of people if you don't want to lose time as the closest taxi rank can be either to the left or right and may not have a line so you won't lose time. For the taxi capacity please make sure how many people you are travelling because the standard taxis are for maximum four people. If you are over 4, there are taxi vans for 6 but they are not common so you need to confirm the taxi whether it is for 6 or not. For disabled taxi service, you need to contact to Taxi Amic. As ordinary taxi cabs don't have service for disabled access. Last tip for taxis at BCN airport, please approve your journey to the city with the taxi driver together about the cost at final as the taxi cost may vary according to number of people travelling, the holiday times or nights.

Car Hire in Barcelona City

Barcelona city is perfectly suited for experiencing by walking. If you think staying in the the city centre or near it, you won't need a car. Even hiring a car can make trouble for you as you will have to think about the car parking issue. Of course, it's a good service option if you stay out of the city centre or you need special access or you are in Barcelona city for business and don't want to lose time. Please remember that car parking costs more than car rental in Barcelona! Another important issue you may need to remember that for car rental at Barcelona city airport is that car rental companies may charge extra if exceeded miles. They offer the cars with limited miles.

Private Taxis Services in Barcelona City

For the journeys out of the city with a crowded number, calling private taxi can be more comfortable. In Barcelona city, there are lots of private taxis services that may suit your journey.


One of the most selected taxi services in Barcelona city is Suntranfers. You can access the info here.


If you would like to prefer cehaper and local transfer system then you can reserve your tickets at Aerobus.


If you like to choose private transfer service, Bohigas are very popular at city transport in Barcelona. You can access the contact bio here.

I hope you will have enough info about your Barcelona city guide with this post. You can make your decision about transportation before your travel. See you in the next posts. We are proud of being your Barcelona city travel guide.
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