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Feeling that you belong a place is a safe way in one's life that I strongly believe in. What do you say about that? Discovering new city, a culture making your every cell dynamic, local people creating a new road in your life must be one of the most essential desires you want to accomplish if you are a traveller not a tourist. I can't deny that journey to a new country brings many touristic stuff but if you are a hunter, hunter of the city soul than I highly recommend you join this super cool event in Barcelona city. Besides, if you are fond of films and eager to meet film-makers, this Short&Sweet - A Film in Barcelona will be pleased to welcome you during your abroad!

Short&Sweet, an experiential cinema collective will host you again with their first screen on 14 February Wednesday at Retrome Urban Retreat. They will continue their film nights meeting on the second Wednesday of every month. They have prepared 'moments in love' with short films specially for Valentine's Day. During your Barcelona city travel, being there may make your voyage unforgettable and feel you warm and happy. Retrome has been renovated and become a comfortable small cinema. During screening time, you will have chance to taste local food prepared at their kitchen. Please note that films are shown in English with English and Spanish subtitles. After films, please enjoy the time you will have with local film makers:). If you are one of those who like to open different pages in the life during a journey, then don't miss this event out. I hope you will like it so much. If you would like to share your experiences at Retrome Barcelona, please write your comments below. Please keep on following us for more Barcelona 2018 events. We are proud of to be your Barcelona city travel guide.

Please find the event place details below.

Venue name: Retrome Barcelona
Address:Girona,81 Barcelona, 08009
Time: At 7.30pm
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