Barcelona 2018 Events

Hey guys! I think it will be easier to collect all Barcelona 2018 Events under a post so that you can track upcoming events day by day and choose the appropriate one according to your agenda. I hope you will have chance to make your Barcelona city guide more effective. If you are an event hunter! then you don't want to miss this article series. Please find all 2018 Barcelona events written seperately and note the ones you like. Hope you enjoy.

 Lady Gaga Concert in Barcelona   (14-16th January)

Guitar BCN 2018 Concert  (27th January- 26th June)

Eufonic Urba Barcelona 2018 ( 2nd- 18th February)

Cinema in Barcelona Short&Sweet Retrome Barcelona ( 14th February - Every Second Wednesday)

The Script Concert 2018  (21st March Wednesday 2018)
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  1. I am keen to attend such event. Got many positive reviews of such live concerts. Will surely attend one of if it takes place at one of the spacious convention center in our city this time. My friend also likes such fests and musical shows. Hoping to get an opportunity to enjoy one soon.