Summer Camps For Kids in Barcelona - Part II Spanish Courses

Here again our article about summer camps for kids in Barcelona will continue especially about Spanish Language Courses. In previous post, you can read the first parts of the article. For families who plan a holiday in Barcelona city in summertime, Spanish language courses can be different and precious moment for their kids. For these holiday moments you can think about Day Camps in Barcelona. By that way, your kids don't have to be away from you at nights but they can have their own great time while you discover the city. This is the second option if you don't want to choose residencial camp type. Please find other school examples below giving language based course camp service in Barcelona city in summertime.

4- IPSA - Junior Summer Camp in Barcelona:  IPSA is an international language school teaching Spanish whole year with summer camps or yearly courses. Any children at 5 - 18 years old are welcome at IPSA. The program is held at the Agora Student residence of the University Barcelona. In IPSA summer camp, you will have two options; International Students only where the activities aren't shared with Spaniards or The Entire City As a Campus where the students eat, live, hang out in a residence but attend the Spanish course at nearby school. For accommodation, it has dormitory room in the campus but homestay is not supported by IPSA. For Day Camp, the kids will have the exact chances as other students but they will return home at 8.00 pm and at weekends. Please check for available times and prices.

5 - SpainBcn- Summer Camps: In this summer camps, you can choose homestay option also. They coordinate with Spanish families in the city centre. You have the chance to select a family with kids of similar ages as yours. At this camp style there is no dormitory option. Kids can attend the activities and courses whole day or half day. The school provides picnics for the excursions. Please remember that students at 11 to 20 years old are welcome at this school. Meals are supported by the hosting families. I think, this summer camp in Barcelona can provide more with its native and local family host option. Students can interact more when they ask. If any questions please click.

In two seperate posts, we wrote about summer language camps in Barcelona. In the next articles, you can read summer sport camps in Barcelona also. For further information about Barcelona city travel please keep on following us.

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