Summer Camps For Kids in Barcelona - Part I Spanish Courses

In our previous post we began to write about summer camps for kids in Barcelona city in general. Here, in this second post you can find the Spanish language summer camps in Barcelona. We will try to present many choices so that you can choose the best matching one with your criteria. As we mentioned before international summer language camps in Barcelona city are numerous and they provide lots of facilities. You will find the web links of the schools in case you may want to check in detailed and get your reservation.

1- Enforex Summer Camps: This summer school is based on teaching Spanish language by providing an international atmosphere and located just out of the city on a large area with its facilities such as sports, recrational activities, cultural workshops and camp trips. From 5 to 17 ages can attend Spanish language summer camp in Barcelona city. The students consist of %60 Spanish and the rest is international. The school provides % 100 supervision. If you choose overnight day camp, the kids will have the chance to interact the other kids from all over the world. The camp provides dormitory rooms (which is perfect for accommodation issue), dining hall, shared areas like study, Tv or computer rooms. While the kids take the language course in the mornings, they can attend the free time activities in the afternoon. In language learning, the best times are the free times! So you can pay attention to this language learning tip at first. Why is this school in the list you may ask. Enforex is one of the largest language schools in the world and it has lots of branches all over the world. You can click here to check the detailed info about Enforex summer school.

2- Don Quijote School: Founded in 1986, Don Quijote provides one of the most desired atmosphere in language learning. In Barcelona, the summer camp is located at a university just outside the city in a large area near the lush Labyrinth Park of Horta. The camp welcomes the children from 5 to 18 years old. Generally, in summer camps, students can visit the historical places of the city. What provides Don Quijote more is daily trips to beaches of Sitges and city of Tarragona. Your children will take the chance to travel Barcelona. Also, you can choose your camp style as the school presents three options like with accommodation, day camp or morning language courses. If you want your kids have unforgettable memories at international language camp in Barcelona, Don Quijote can enable this. Of course, there are more criteria such as prices, security, time schedule, etc. So all the schools in this post are in the list that enable good camp facilities. You just need to choose one according to your budget and other important criteria. Please click to check the schedule, location, facilities and price list of the school. 

3- Spanish Abroad:  This school is may be in the end of the list but Spanish Abroad is an international school that provides great facilities. Especially, Spanish Language Summer Camp Barcelona is very fun to participate with its activities and excursions. The camp is open to children 5 to 18 years old, too. The courses are 4 hours daily in a class with maximum 14 students at a time. Students have supervisiors and they can leave the course area with these supervisiors. Accommodation service is really good with large rooms and 3 solid meals. Students will share the room with 2 or 3 kids. If you check the acitivities, you will be amazed how much they provide to you! There are music, percussion workshops, cultural acitivities, journalism workshops, Flamenco dance workshops and sport activities. So beside learning a new language, the kids will have the most magical times in their life time. Spanish abroad provides medical insurance in the price list. They will meet your kids at the airport and accompany to the school. Please click here to check the other details and photos of the language school. 

Of course there are other Spanish Language Summer Camps in Barcelona and we will write about them in our next posts. Please follow us to learn much about Barcelona city travel. I hope we are the guide you are looking for. Enjoy the site. Below please find a video about how does a summer camp in Barcelona look like?

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