Child-Friendly Places in Barcelona City

As being a mom, I know how much valuable to find a place on a holiday that will make your children happy at the same time! A four year old kid may not be so excited about the historical monuments you are planning to see:) so it's time to add child-friendly places in Barcelona city to your agenda. Let's start with a restaurant as food and drink in Barcelona is one of the best things to do!

Semproniana Restaurant: Would you like to eat your lunch while your kids learn to cook? Semproniana loves to blend French and Catalan cuisine and presents delicious game dishes. The prices are reasonable. They have workshops at the restaurant on Saturday afternoons in the school year. From 4 to 12 years old, all kids can attend these workshops and learn how to cook in Catalan! Of course, they provide cooking workshops in English. So if you want to try please click here for more information.

Pudding Cafe:  Who runs the world! Of course the kids:) So it's good to note this place in your agenda as your kid will love it! This time when they have great time on holiday, it's your turn to accompany them cause this place is at service for only kids in the afternoons. Yes you can have something to drink or eat while your kids are having great time by reading books, games, chalkboards or ipads. This place can be perfect birthday party organization hall for your kid on your holiday. It can be unforgettable for your baby! Pudding Cafe is run by Frenchwoman. For address and more info please click.

Family Room Cafe: If it is rainy outside or you need a break on a hectic day in Barcelona city travel, then Family Room Cafe can be an ideal place.It has a warm, intimate and comfortable atmosphere. There is an area for your kids to play. They have healthy menu options and you can go there for brunch or lunch and give your healthy order. For dessert, they serve great apple pies and more. You can check here for more information. By the way, you can get to Camp Nou easier if you stop by Family Room Cafe. So next destination is Camp Nou where your kids will have great time also.

La Nena: Who doesn't like hot chocolate? Especially, if you are travelling with kids! I can hear their screaming happily at La Nena:) so why do we keep them away from this lovely place? Chocolateria La Nena is a welcoming cafe for your kids. They serve great breakfast, delicious cakes and magnificent hot chocolates. With its painted table and chair set for children, La Nena is a cosy and attractive place for your kids. Please note that they don't serve alcohol. For the address or reservation please click.

Barcelona city travel can be more enjoyable when you see your kids smile. They deserve the best and the places designed for them so that they can feel more special on their holiday. It's a good way to make their holiday more precious, isn't it? Please keep on following us for more Barcelona city guide. I hope you will like the places as well. Have a nice tour in Barcelona city

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