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If you have limited time or you are one of these who don't want to risk the place to stay during holiday then we highly recommend to check Barcelona city guide's suggestions about accommodation in Barcelona city. None of the hotels, pensions, rental houses or camping areas we suggest are sponsored by anyone. We just examine all the preferences, choices, desires of our traveller followers and try to suggest the good qualified places as we don't want travellers get disappointed during their journey in Barcelona city. So we try to give a large scale of examples so that you can choose the best accommodation option according to your preferences. Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona is one these good accommodation options in Barcelona city. It is a four star hotel located at the city centre between Las Ramblas ( for more information about La Rambla please click ) and MACBA art gallery.

All the rooms have a separate living room. The rooms face to walls with plants or the city. Rooms scenery is pleasant and there is also 7/24 open buffet. At this buffet, free water, alcohol free drinks, small sandwiches and fruits are served. You can taste Asian tapas at Dos Palillos Restaurant of Casa Camper Hotel. You can walk to popular La Boqueria Bazaar ( please read this post for La Boqueria ), Liceu Opera House or famous Gothic square ( more info about Gothic square) and it is only 5 minutes! Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona is close to Ciutat Vella and also tapas restaurants. While walking from the hotel you can discover lots of cafes, restaurants or basilicas and enjoy taking photos. Sometimes you just need to walk and get lost at the streets to discover the city. As a four star hotel in Barcelona, Casa Camper is doing great about hosting many travellers from all around the world. You can ask your questions if you have doubts about any details. For sports lovers, the hotel has a fitness facility that you can use any time. So is Casa Camper Hotel expensive? What are the prices? Are there any cheap hotels in Barcelona? Of course there are lots of options but for four star hotel and being at the city centre, the price they suggest is reasonable and guests of Casa Camper think so. Please read our previous posts about accommodation option and choose according to your budget. I hope we could help you. Enjoy your stay! For photos and prices details please click here . Barcelona Travel suggestions will continue. I hope you like them:)

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