Uma Restaurant - A Gastronomy Adventure

Would you like to experience a  perfect dinner night with your lovings in Barcelona city? I suppose I hear that you say Yes! Then please hurry up to make reservation as Uma Restaurant in Barcelona city is usually fully booked and it's not possible to get a seat before 7 months! Yes, you've heard right so if you are reading this post earlier then you may have a chance to book a night at Uma Restaurant for your Barcelona city trip.

So what makes Uma so special? You may think there are many other restaurants you can go in Barcelona. Of course you may be right but this unbelievable experience, this magical journey to the food world will be unforgettable. First of all, Uma has capacity nearly 14 people at a time. Even this number makes you feel special at the restaurant. Secondly, all the guests even though you don't know the rest start their dinner at the same time so the restaurant waits punctuality from you as the others will be waiting for you to start. So this idea I guess makes the atmosphere warmer. The restaurant menu is restricted but the special chefs make this menu so adjustable to your diet and you don't even understand what's going on during the dinner. While you make your reservation please let Uma staff know your allergies, menu preferences or diet beforehand so they can make the adjustments for you. Groups with children are welcome but as the restaurant is small and there is dinner coherence with other guests, you may not want to think this restaurant is the best option for you. 

If you want to taste a real Spanish Mediterranean food in Barcelona then consider this option.  A night at Uma restaurant will be unforgettable for your lovings and may be an anniversary celebration would be perfect! Who knows? For a restaurant that deserves to get Michelin star will worth to see. Please take consider into that Uma Restaurant is open on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Lunch is served at 13.00 pm and dinner is at 9.00pm. The rest of the week Uma gives service for the groups from 12 to 18 people. Per person menu is 75€. Drinks are not included. For a fascinating gastronomy journey don't forget to make reservation at below address. Have a nice day at Uma Restaurant. You won't regret we guarantee that:) We will let you know the best restaurants in Barcelona city. So please stay with your Barcelona city guide. Gastronomy adventures will go on. Eat and drink in Barcelona will be perfect with your guide.

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