Palau Dalmases - Flamenco Night

Spending your holiday in Barcelona city and not attending to a flamenco night. You may regret when you go back your hometown. In our previous posts, we have mentioned about another Flamenco bar where you can watch this unique traditional dance. For alternative lovers and places at the city centre, Palau Dalmases can be attractive bar to watch Flamenco show and you can have some good time there. 

You can participate the events paying 20€ and one drink is included. You may want to make reservation as the place is a little smaller and full all the time. Flamenco show at Palau Dalmases starts at 19.30 and 21.30 everyday. At Palau Dalmases other private events are also held. Opera shows, jazz nights  or gastronomy nights are also available. It's a historical building and you will relax while listening to piano. It's also very near to Picasso Museum. For a better seat, we highly recommend you buy your tickets beforehand. For impressive, pasisonate and great Flamenco show, Palau Dalmases can be a good choice to spend a night in Barcelona city. For more Flamenco bars in Barcelona you can check the other posts and keep on following your Barcelona city guide. Here below there is a video and map showing how you can get there. Enjoy the dance and music. 

For closer look please click on the map. We would like you to enjoy and make the best of your time in Barcelona city.

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