Barcelona Visions Art Gallery

If the subject is Barcelona, then it's inevitable to come across many museums, art galleries or art places in the city. Barcelona contains lots of art galleries. Barcelona Visions is one of these unique and fascinating galleries. It has been at service since 2012 but presents so many special photos. If you are interested in photography, you may want to visit Barcelona Visions Art Gallery

Seeing Barcelona from different eyes and understanding much more about this magnificent city will take you to a different world. Awakening and feeling different during your visit in Barcelona visions. This art gallery aims to welcome any person who is interested in photography. It doesn't only want to earn money but hug everyone that loves to be in photography world. You can find many fine photos at reasonable prices starting from 20€ up to 300€. So if you visit Barcelona city and like photography world, Barcelona Visions Art Gallery is a must see place for you. 

Beside being an art gallery, Barcelona Visions aims to support and lead people who are interested in photography and understands that photography needs a team work and enhancement. You can have chance to see Barcelona of today and Barcelona of years ago. Getting closer to the history of Barcelona may excite you. Nowadays in December 2014 you can attend an exhibition by Esther Laudo that consists of her works between 1983-84 years while she was at neswpaper ''Sport''. Streets, venues, places and people of Barcelona. All of them are in the photos at the gallery waiting for you. If you would like photography to be part of a consumer product then you need to support Barcelona Visions by visiting and may be buying an art of work that takes your attention. If you wonder about art galleries in Barcelona be in touch with Barcelona city guide. We would like to enhance your holiday in Barcelona city. We believe travelling is the art of life. Buen viaje! Here below the address of Barcelona Visions. You can also check the map. Enjoy the tour at Art Gallery. 

Address: Carrer dels Banys Vells, 08003
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