Flamenco Night - La Casa Vella

If your holiday destination is somewhere in Spain like Barcelona, then a flamenco night is a must do activity during your holiday time. Especially in Barcelona city, there are various flamenco dance shows at different venues. Mostly the city centre is a popular place to see a flamenco dance show in Barcelona. According to many visitors in Barcelona, La Casa Vella is a place to watch this unique traditional dance during your holiday. Generally travellers like to discover and taste food, traditional dance, city soul and tourist attractions as soon as possible. So when we think about Barcelona, flamenco dance show should be in the top places in your list. 

If you like to dance, eat something speacial and taste traditional drinks in Barcelona city, La Casa Vella is the best choice to spend a night for a great flamenco dance show. With sharp movements and great music tone, flamenco show will take you to the stars. If you would like to feel the ancient times of these interesting and magical city's and dance with the soul of the city, so we highly suggest you make your reservation at La Casa Vella beforehand so that you won't be disappointed as La Casa Vella gets sometimes really crowded due to its popularity. 

When you watch one-hour flamenco dance show don't forget to be taken a photo with traditional outfits at the place. Also in this buildinig you will find a place where souvenirs are sold. So making time for this fascinating flamenco night will create an uforgettable moment in your agenda and photos collection. So in order to learn about more about Barcelona city, stay with your Barcelona city guide. If you ask Barcelona flamenco dance shows, La Casa Vella will help you a lot about your curiosity. I hope you can make your time for this great show in Barcelona city. Enjoy the traditional flamence dance shows with us. 

Here below you can find the map showing where La Casa Vella is. Enjoy your voyage. 
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