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How is the daily life in Barcelona? How are the things going around? What kind of city life has a native guy got? What are the customs in Barcelona city? How is the weather in summer? Is the weather fine in winter? What about the language? What do Spanish people speak as language? Is the city available for accessible? While getting around, will you be comfortable in the city streets? Are the streets safe? We will present many answers for these questions and you can decide whether is Barcelona good choice for abroad holiday or not. 

While wandering around it is so easy to come across many street artists waiting there for you. You will feel exotic with old apperance of the city and the music dancing in the air. Everywhere you will meet interesting homeless people who make you imagine that you are living in a colorful world. Beside these people making the city alive, the fine weather even in winter will make your holiday pass in comfort. Being in Mediterranean region, you will enjoy the soft rain in the winter. The scenery will take the artist inside you out. 

In Spain, people speak two languages. In Catalan part, people speak both Spanish and Catalan. Many restaurants, shops or hotels owners can speak English and also French except a few. You won't have trouble with the language during your holiday. 

In Barcelona, native people are very welcoming. People from all over the world in different colors can live in comfort in Barcelona city. Local people don't feel offensive when they come across a person who has interesting or particular choices in the life. For instance, in Barcelona, gays feel very comfortable in the city life and there are many bars or places for gays.

What about the daily routine of people in Barcelona city? What are the customs going around? Working day generally starts at around 8 or 9 am and continues until 6 or 7pm. Working people give break approximately one or two hours at 2 pm. Generally in August, most shops are not open but most shops at the city centre are open at lunch time and shopping centres may work until 10 pm in summer. Apart from this, diasbled people will spend their holiday easily. Many hostels, apartments, restaurants and streets are organized for immobility. 

If you ask about the safety in Barcelona streets, we can say that as in most European countries, you should be aware of the pickpockets walking in the streets but even at night you can walk in the streets alone. Yet, we don't recommend you wander around the streets alone at nights. It may be a good idea to take precautions beforehand. The city is as safe as other countries. So it's not necessary to exaggerate the safety rules but it's good to behave responsibly. For example in some hostels there are no safety boxes. So you may want to be careful about your belongings. 

With pros and cons, Barcelona city is ready to welcome the travellers from all over the world. So Don't hesitate for a holiday in Barcelona. While planning a holiday in Barcelona city, please be prepared to this dynamic city and let yourself go in this alive city. For more about Barcelona city, follow your Barcelona city guide.  Thanks for the video. ( Nezzarine- youtube).
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