CosmoCaxia - Science Museum of Barcelona

Museums in Barcelona are one of the attractions that take people to the different planet in the world. Known as a thing to do for kids in Barcelona, CosmaCaxia is a place where both children and adults learn and have fun at the same time. CosmaCaxia Museum was opened in 1981 as Science Musuem of Barcelona for the first time then it closed in 1979 for renovation. When it was renovated, the museum was reopened as CosmoCaxia Museum in 2004. 

Attractions in Barcelona are numerous and for travellers who are going to visit Barcelona city, a good city plan can be better if you don't want to waste time and miss out the best places to visit. So here Barcelona city guide is trying to present places to visit in Barcelona city day by day. 

So what can you do in CosmaCaixa Museum? There are forests similar to Amazons, planetarium, aquarium, a science museum where kids and adults can do some small experiments. You can experience how wind and rain occur and watch the ants' ordinary day in a transparent wall. All physics principles are shown on a tv and you can have chance to feel the space while watching the documentary. CosmoCaxia is a five-floor building and it has got spiral structure and visitors can reach the top by walking. There are lots of activities and parts in the musuem to see so you had better arrange your day as it takes at least 4 or 5 hours to visit completely.

Entrance fee is 4€ per person. The museum is a little bit out of the city but you can reach CosmoCaxia Museum by bus called Avinguda Tibidabo. In this musuem you will be in touch with science, archaeology, physics and nature. It is a dreamy world everyone must see. All the videos are in Spanish, Catalan and English.

Apart from these facilities, you can have a rest at the cafe, drink something and eat your meal. The building is outside seems a little old but when you enter this fascinating world, you will come across with a modern building. If you like magical world then CosmoCaxia is the best place you should visit in Barcelona city. For musuems in Barcelona you can check our other posts about museums. For the video, we would like to thank Felipe. 

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