Automata Museum of Tibidabo

Can a mountain have much things to serve to a traveller at a time? If it is Tibidabo mountain, it is absolutely yes! In our previous post, we tried to write about Tibidabo mountain. In the article you can find information about amusement park, funicular and the mountain view. Beside these beauties, there is one more thing you can enjoy if you love museums. This time it is an automata museum. Automata Museum of Tibidabo which is located at the Amusement Park offers you the 19th and 20th century automata spanning examples. What is more, it can be great experience to see the latest acquisition of a finalist in the automata competition held in 2005, Japan.

All the objects in the museum are in good shape and repair so this Automata Museum is candidate to be the one in its contemporaries and you will have chance to see coin operated figures at fairgrounds, children toys that look like vintage and mechanical games. If you would like to add extra meaning to your holiday in Barcelona city, then we highly recommend to spend some time at this marvellous museum. Feeling the ancient times and travelling in the history will contribute lot to your point of view. I hope you will enjoy this place when you visit Barcelona city. For more places to visit in Barcelona city, please contact to your Barcelona city travel guide. Have a nice tour...

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