Santa Maria Del Mar Church Photos

In our previous article we tried to mention about Santa Maria Del Mar Church which is the symbol of Gothic Catalan Church surviving in Barcelona city. The Basilica which was built for merchants in the history became a symbol of the city centre. Even after many disasters it went through before, Santa Maria Del Mar Church is standing monumentally in Libera district. It is one of those sacred destinations you should stop by in Barcelona city. Before you plan your Barcelona city travel you may want to check some photos of Santa Maria Del Mar Church. Beside seeing the basilica you can visit cafes around it and have a sit. While doing this you can watch this fantastic monument and drink your coffee. If you like discovering a city with its whole history then we highly recommend you see this central Gothic church in Barcelona city. Here there are some Santa Maria Del Mar Church gallery if you would like to see what it is like. For more Barcelona city photos please check our Gallery part. There are many amazing photos of Barcelona city

Santa Maria Del Mar Church is known that it's the place where Santa Eulalia was buried. To get information about Santa Eulalia please read our another article about Santa Eulalia. For best Barcelona holiday keep on following your Barcelona city travel guide. Follow us and enjoy your Barcelona city tour.

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