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Camp Nou is the largest stadium in Europe yet there are some facts which are known little. We have information about the seat capacity, matches played, the history of Nou Camp and similar things. If you call yourself a real traveler then Camp Nou is a must see place in Catalan region as the stadium has had many idol players such as Ronaldinho, Messi, Kubala and Rivaldo, etc. Here in this article we try to let you know about interesting facts of Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona city. Let's have a look at the interesting facts below. 

1) Camp Nou means New Stadium in Catalan. 

2) Due to roof of the stadium which prevents growth of the grass needs to be regularly changed.

3) Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium with 98.000 seats now was once one of the largest stadium in the world with 120.000 seats such as Brazil and Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

4) Fans of FC Barcelona are called ''cules'' which derives the word from Bum as the only thing we can see is their backsides when the spectators stand.

5) A new version of Camp Nou which will be designed by Norman Foster will cost approximately €300 million.

6) The stadium hosted Olympic Games in 1992 and at this match Spain beat Poland with 3 goals to 2.

7) The Original name was Estadi del FC Barcelona.

8) The construction took 3 years with 336% over budget more than estimated!

Please check the other articles about Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona city at our site so that you can have complete idea about the stadium. If you have any interesting fact about the stadium. please share with us. On the road being your Barcelona travel guide, we are pleased to share everything about Barcelona city.

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