How to Shop Tax Free?

What about tax free shopping in Barcelona? How can I shop tax free? Do I have to fill form for each shopping? What is Global Blue Card? Where I can shop tax free? There are a few options to claim back your tax. Please note that visitors from outside European Union can have their Value Added Tax (VAT) returned for more than €90.15.  Don't forget to ask the sales person before you pay your tax free cheque in Barcelona city. You can claim back your VAT at the center of the city and also at airports. Where you can get your VAT at the center of city is; 

1) Tourist information centre in Plaça de Catalunya, 17-S:

Time: Daily, from 8.30am to 8.30pm

Important: Only Global Refund Tax Free cheques are valid.

·           2) Main Office of tourism de Barcelona:
         Passage de La Concepció, 7-9
         Time: Monday to Saturday, 3pm to 8pm.
        Important: Global Blue, Premier Tax Free and Travel Tax Free cheques are valid.

      You don't have to fill form for each shopping you do abroad. You can use Global Blue Card and each shopping will be added automatically to your card so you can claim back your VAT at the end of your last shopping. That means it saves time and money at the same time. So how can you use Global blue Card? In Barcelona city, during shopping you won't worry about getting your tax back all the time so you can shop easily. When you plan your  Barcelona city travel these little details will help you much. You have to apply for Global Blue Card beforehand so that it will ready when you travel. You can check the official site of Global Blue Card if you like. In Barcelona city, many stores and shops at shopping malls work with tax free concept. So if you see tax free on the store window then you can claim back your VAT. In Barcelona tax free shopping is important if you really like shopping. So don't forget to check all details about shopping at our site before you make your decisions! 

      Here there is a video about Barcelona Duty free stores at the airport and there are some funny 

       scenes at the video so enjoy watching!       
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