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Barcelona has a deep-rooted religion culture stemming from the city's 2000 years history. Being such an established city, the religion culture offers diversity to the people. In this article, we will try to explain how the religion culture is in Barcelona, Spain.

Catholicism which is a life style in Barcelona city consists of the population varying from 81% to 94% rates. 
Throughout the history, the city had undergone many wars and met different cultures such as Romans, Muslims and Jews. So Roman catholicism can be seen as frontrunner and you can come across a person who says he/she doesn't believe in anything but yet is a catholic as they see the catholicism as a life style.

So how does religion affect the social life? As we've mentioned above, even though catholicism is high in Barcelona city, for the social life issues, they act much more liberal when compared to other European countries maybe because of the 35-year dictatorship which ended a few decades ago. So they are more democratic about the life issues. For instance, there is a law for the gay relationship marriage. They can adopt child, have abortion and divorce according to Spain law. They have the right to speech which is against the Catholicism law!

In Barcelona city, there are many churches, cathedrals and other religious institutions. There is no mosque in Barcelona city but there some in other cities of Spain such as Madrid and Granada. So we can see how deep-rooted Barcelona religion is. People live in democratic atmosphere in this beautiful city. As they had undergone a huge repressive, the people in Barcelona appreciate living in harmony. In 21th century of Barcelona, if we check the religion statistics there are Jews and Protestants in minor quantity and Muslims over one-million living together. So it's easy to come across many different and fascinating religious institutions in city of Catalans.

After all these information we can say that when you plan your trip to Barcelona, it's necessary to look through the religious places beforehand and see how the Barcelona city travel can be charming! You can find everything about Barcelona travel in our other articles. So we suggest you check other parts of our site.
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