La Sagrada Familia Travel Tips

If you visit a city or country, it's better to know the travel tips beforehand. This will make you save time  and money. Every  place has its own travel tips. In this article we will give tips about visiting La Sagrada Familia. These are our suggestions but we think that you will like when you read the tips. Barcelona city is beautiful in every season but if you plan Barcelona travel especially in summer then this tip is really suits you.

La Sagrada Familia Tips:

1) Especially in tourist season like summer times , there is a long queue in front of the basilica. It's likely to wait for long hours ( sometimes 2 hours) to enter into La Sagrada Familia so you had better buy the entrance tickets online and you won't wait in the queue. 

2) If you don't have chance to buy the tickets online then don't forget to take water and umbrella with you and also put on some suntan cream so you won't get sunburnt.

3) If you stay in the centre of Barcelona city, La Sagrada Familia is not far away from the city centre so you can access there on foot if you like walking in 20 minutes. So don't get cheated if you are told it is too far. Of course you can get there by metro or taxi. This is just a suggestion:) 

If you would like to add any Barcelona city travel tips please do not hesitate to  make your comments. We would really appreciate your ideas.
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