History of Barcelona

Barcelona, The Big and Historical City

In this article, we will try to give information about Barcelona History. Let's check how Barcelona became Barcelona city. I hope we can guide you about the history of Barcelona.

Barcelona was founded as Roman city. The city became the capital of County of Barcelona. When the Kingdom of Aragon merged with Barcelona city, it went on to be one of the most important city in the Crown of Aragon. The Aragon Kingdom was a state survived between 11th and 15th century in the northeast of Spain.

Barcelona is like a capital city of Catalonia and also the second biggest city in Spain. The name of Barcelona comes from Iberian Phonecian. In Latin Barcelona derived from Barcino, Barcilonum and Barcenona. According to some sources, the city was called Barcelona by general Hamilcar Barca who was believed the founder of the city in the 3rd century BC.

Barcelona name is sometimes abbreviated as Barna and by the outsiders it is called as Barça which is the reference of football club in Barcelona.

There are two legends about foundation of the city. The first one refers to mythological character Hercules and the second one refers to general Hamilcar Barça that we mentioned above.

The Counts of Barcelona widened its territory after merging of Ramon Berenguer IV and Petronilla of Aragon marriage. The city ruled western Mediterranean Sea including Sicily, Napal and some part of Athens in 13th century.

There are many historical places and buildings in Barcelona which dated 11th century. For example, The Bank of Barcelona is the oldest bank in Barcelona.

While Madrid was the central of politicial power, Barcelona became the capital of Catalonia people.Because of this separatism, today Barcelona is thought of the capital of Catalonia and for the Catalonia people this city is much more important than Madrid.

Barcelona city is an important element for Spain as it was conquered by different cultures. That's why it holds many kinds of culture visuals such as Barri Gotic.It reflects Roman grid plan. The city was conquered by Visigoths at the beginning of 5th century after that Arabs invaded the city in the early of 8th century than it was conquered by Charlemagne's son Louis.So it became a buffer zone at those times.

Spanish Civil War had affected Barcelona city much more. During this war, the city was definitely Republican.When the power of Republican and Generilitat was lowered then many anarchists occurred in the city.But they lost control of the cith after the street fight called Barcelona May Days. During the civil war years the Catalonia language was supressed and the self-governing institutions was shot down.The result of civil war was the fast immigration and this led to rapid urbanization. With the hosting of Olympic Games in 1992, the city renewed again.After this renewal, Barcelona travel has become the one of the most trend travelling options in the world.

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