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We are proud of presenting new gallery about Camp Nou Stadium. In our last article you can find a detailed information about Nou Camp in Barcelona city. Here you can find old and new version of the stadium photos. By 2021, Camp Nou new stadium will be completed but there are some arguments about this new version of Nou Camp. British Norman Foster is an architect who has lots of awards and we can't judge his ability but according to some people living in Barcelona city say that the new version isn't really a new one. They don't like the new appearance. Of course we all do respect these ideas of Catalan people. As Camp Nou is a symbol of Barcelona city, they have right to indicate their thoughts. The seats and the services will be enlarged by 2021. So what do you think of the new version of Nou Camp? You can share your ideas with us and we would appreciate. We would like to give information about the things you want to learn to be able to be your Barcelona city travel guide better. Thanks for your interest. Here below check the Camp Nou Gallery.

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